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In year 1997 I finished study on department of design Technical University in Kosice /Slovakia/.
Six years of study was oriented on product and graphic design, visual communication with excellent
teachers as: J. Hascak, Jenik, A. Szentpetery.
In year 1999 I migrated to Israel.  There I live for several years with my family. In the end of year 2005 I come back to Europe. At the present time I live in Prague - Czech Republic.

I paint light and color, emotion and vibration. I use color as form to create space. Definition of my expression is metaphorically symbolic. I'm interested in philosophy, numerology, symbolism, life-philosophy, religion and culture. My creation is directed by natural and humans forms. I create with love.



I create with oil color, glass sticks, smalty, natural stone and all kind of material what inspire new creation. To express my passion I use thickness and intensity of color with spatula or directly squeeze color from tub on canvas or on wood. During my experiments I develop technique of thin-thick lines to create space with color and rugged surface. Oil color have the result of sharp edges and keep the form of momentum of the creation.

Mosaics I begun to create with natural stone and of classics shape in Israel. When I move to Europe I start to use all kind of materials. In Czech I found traditional semi product of glass sticks. Color scale is different as smalty from Italy. In some way they are complemented. I create contemporary mosaic based on color and simply forms. Hand cut material is stuck with glue to glass or wood plates. I play with the forms of cut material and structure of surface.

My works are in private and public collections in Japan, Lebanon, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA, India, England, Canada, Italy, Holland and Slovakia.


I m member MAO since 2010 and from 2016 memeber of the IAD - International Association of Design.


I want to say thank you to mine parents for patience, to Jan Ondrak for love, support and two beautiful kids, to my kids Daniel & Mia being happy and free and to all friends being a special and unique.

Special thanks for  music  formation Fallgrapp, to have possibility to use song Nadych / Breath / from album Rieka in this web.



Curent works are presented on ART UpCLOSE :


Previous works on:




Zuzana Mantel
Nadych / Breath - Fallgrapp
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