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cycle "Tribute to Life"

The Memories No.2
The Memories No.1
The Pink Memories
Who is the Winner?
The Skull / composition
The Skull No.7
The Skull No.8
The Skull No.3
The Skull No.10
The Skull No.10 / UV light
The Skull No.9
The Skull No.11
The Skull No.4
The Skull No.1

 In cycle "Tribute to Life" I create symbol of skull. The human skull is a symbol of the indestructible soul, man's age-old desire for rebirth, it is a symbol of the celestial vault, which represents an archive of human knowledge hidden in the blue colour of the SKY.

A world pandemic has changed the established routines of our lives as well as the routine world. The vegetative survival of life, and everything associated with it, has lost ground, and that is why we are faced with the question of the meaning of life and the revision of our values. Relative certainties are shaken by their foundations, and we ourselves, our society, nations and states seek the meaning of our being and strive to see the future and also to understand our past. We are aware of what is really essential and indispensable and we better distinguish between forced, artificial and pathetically stupid behavior of society and its manipulation. Definition of my expression is metaphorically symbolic.

Participation in the selection of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2020


Nadych / Breath - Fallgrapp
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